Our team

Brilliant & Passionate people engaged in providing the world with a solution.

Charles Lechoux
Charles Lechoux CEO
Julien Guérinot
Julien Guérinot Product Manager
Pascal Lafourcade
Pascal Lafourcade Blockchain Researcher
Linda Chan-Ling
Linda Chan-Ling CMO
Adrien Marie
Adrien Marie Lead Developer
Valentin Diologent
Valentin Diologent Backend Developer

Our Advisors

Focused Leaders helping us get to the top.

Anne-France Kennedy
Anne-France Kennedy CEO & co-founder of KlimateNet
Alexis V. Nicosia
Alexis V. Nicosia Managing Partner at Tokenomi
Eddy Travia
Eddy Travia CEO at Coinsilium Group
Chamss Ould
Chamss Ould Founder of Positimpact
Armel Sadon
Armel Sadon CEO & co-founder of 4.71
Christophe David
Christophe David Co-founder of 4.71

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