Set a realistic Net Zero Trajectory for your company with the MERCI by Carbonds

A comprehensive framework designed to empower your business in its journey towards carbon neutrality.

Discover our five essential components: Monitor, Explore, Reduce, Contribute and Invest.

Tons of CO2 emitted


Monitoring GHG emissions provides your company with quantifiable data and insights on its carbon footprint. Transparently monitoring emissions enhances credibility and accountability, demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainability.

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Explore by Carbonds is more than just a platform; it’s a catalyst for positive environmental change. Join us on our mission to transform how businesses access and leverage carbon data for a greener and more sustainable future.


Your company has a huge role to play in mitigating climate change impacts, contributing to global efforts to limit temperature rise and address environmental challenges. By reducing GHG emissions, it can enhance its environmental sustainability, comply with regulations, lower operational costs, and demonstrate its commitment to corporate social responsibility, attracting eco-conscious customers and investors.

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While your business strives for carbon neutrality, some emissions remain incompressible due to operational constraints. These unavoidable emissions have posed a challenge to achieving complete carbon neutrality.
Carbon credit contributions offer a transformative solution for completing your carbon emissions reduction.


Proactive investments in external carbon-reducing projects are essential for a company’s net-zero strategy. They directly cut greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability that enhances reputation and attracts eco-conscious customers. These investments also safeguard a company’s long-term viability by bringing early carbon credits at a fair price for your company as a reward for your support to direct climate actions.

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Show your commitment to your community: learn how to reduce and contribute to reduce your emissions.

Contribute for your incompressible emissions with Carbon Credits

Carbon credits, also known as carbon offsets, are a market-based approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They are a way to compensate for incompressible emissions produced by your company.

Carbon credits are a critical mechanism in the fight against climate change. They are generated from emissions reduction projects that aim to reduce or capture greenhouse gases. These projects encompass a wide range of initiatives, from renewable energy installations to reforestation efforts and energy efficiency improvements.

Each carbon credit represents a specific amount of emissions prevented or removed, often quantified in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). These credits undergo a rigorous verification and certification process by independent third-party organizations to ensure they meet established standards.

Once verified, carbon credits become tradable assets, creating a market where they can be bought and sold. Companies, governments, and individuals purchase these credits to offset their own greenhouse gas emissions. This process allows them to invest in emissions reduction projects and reduce their carbon footprint.

The funds generated from carbon credit sales are reinvested in emissions reduction projects, providing vital financial support for these initiatives. This support enables projects to continue, expand, or initiate new efforts, further reducing overall greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

The principle of “additionality” ensures that carbon credits represent genuine emissions reductions that would not have occurred without financial support. This principle enhances the credibility of the carbon credit system.