MERCI: Making Emissions
Right, Countable and Impactful.

A cutting-edge environmental framework, accompanied by a suite of tools specifically crafted to transform the assessment and management of your company's carbon emissions.

How does it work?

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MERCI, the new net zero framework by Carbonds


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Discover the MERCI framework

Finally, an understandable path to neutrality, fitting the international standards toward carbon net zero for companies.

At the core of our approach to carbon neutrality lies the MERCI framework. MERCI is more than just an acronym; it’s the philosophy that guides our commitment to a more sustainable future. Here’s what each letter stands for:

Monitor your emissions in real-time with our Carbon Accounting solution

Carbon accounting tools offer only annual and time-delayed tracking of emissions, making it challenging to respond swiftly to carbon reduction goals and emerging environmental challenges.

To address this issue, we have designed a real-time carbon accounting tool, allowing you to monitor and manage your carbon footprint across all scopes effectively.

Explore our public Carbon Registry and see how other companies are doing

Search for your favorite brands and see what they are currently doing to face humanity’s greatest challenge.

Data are issued from Carbonds’ carbon accounting tool and other official public carbon registries like the ADEME (French registry).

Reduce your company's emissions by creating and managing Carbon reducing projects

Enter our comprehensive solution that connects your business with specialized experts across various domains and industries. These experts play a pivotal role in guiding your company on its decarbonization journey, ensuring the effectiveness of your initiatives.

Contribute for your incompressible emissions on Carbonds' carbon credits marketplace

Find carbon offsetting projects that suit your company’s vision and values. Obtain secured and transparent digitalized carbon credit to reduce your incompressible greenhouse gas emissions on your carbon accounting report.

Invest in community-selected projects dedicated to reducing global emissions

Discover our launchpad platform dedicated to environmentally friendly projects. Everyone will be able to invest in a handful of projects, carefully selected by a panel composed of climate and entrepreneurship professionals and validated by our community.

Why did we choose MERCI?


MERCI, meaning “thank you” in French, is the 3rd most used French word across the planet, making our framework stick to our French legacy.
This is also the perfect acronym to help you and your company face the greatest challenge we are all about to meet: climate change. By following the five principles of this framework, you will be able to do your part, and more, to help tackle carbon emissions issues.
Remember: Monitor and Explore your environmental data, Reduce your emissions, Contribute to what can not be reduced, and Invest proactively in new decarbonization projects.

A dedicated team at your service.

Meet our professional environmental team to draw your first carbon net zero steps together.

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Charles Lechoux
Charles Lechoux CEO
Christophe David
Christophe David CFO
Armel Sadon
Armel Sadon COO
Pascal Lafourcade
Pascal Lafourcade Blockchain Researcher
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Julien Guérinot Product Manager
Linda Chan-Ling
Linda Chan-Ling CMO
Adrien Marie
Adrien Marie Lead Developer
Valentin Diologent
Valentin Diologent Backend Developer


Eddy Travia
Eddy Travia CEO at Coincillium Group
Alexis V. Nicosia
Alexis V. Nicosia Managing Partner at Tokenomi

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