Carbonds aims to provide all businesses worlwide with a decentralised and certified Carbon Credit marketplace.

Backed by blockchain technology, this platform will help companies balance their carbon emissions under community supervision.

Through our easy-to-use marketplace, we can make all industries work together towards true carbon neutrality.

Tokenise Carbon Credits

Carbon offsetting projects are able to submit their certified Carbon Credits for tokenisation.

Through an API check via certified auditors’ databases, Carbonds delivers Offset Tokens backed by real Carbon Credits and secured by blockchain technology.

Carbon Credit Trading

Companies can freely trade their Carbon-Credit-backed Tokens on Carbonds marketplace.

Trades are peer-to-peer and prices are indexed on the specific Carbon Credit market rate.

Retire Carbon Credit backed Tokens for Certified Credits

Companies that purchased their desired Carbon Credits to compensate their Carbon Emissions can retire their Tokens for certified Carbon Credits.

In doing so, the Tokens are burnt from the Marketplace in the process.

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