Digitalised Carbon Audit

Tokenising a carbon audit can make it easier to store, manage, and process the data. It can also help to improve the security of the audit by allowing for more fine-grained access controls.
Our objective at Carbonds is to make audits more easily interoperable with other systems, allowing for easier integration and data sharing. Overall, tokenising a carbon audit can help to improve its efficiency, security, and interoperability.

Companies need to
know their impact on
the environment

To do so, it is mandatory to have a detailed
Carbon Audit performed by specialised companies.

Balance your Carbon
Footprint and your

Access the world’s first automated and
decentralised Carbon Marketplace thanks
to your NFT.
Compensate your Carbon Emissions
by buying Certified Carbon Credits.

Turn any Carbon
Audits from partners
all around the world
into Carbonds NFT

Anywhere you are at, you will find
Carbonds compatible audit companies to
take a step further into Carbon Neutrality.

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